Written and Published by Han Institute, January 10, 2013

228 and Rule of Law

I had the luck to run into a great book and empowers me to write a nation's and civilization's true words.

The book title caught my attention, "Flowers Fallen but Spring is Still Here". This is a famed quote from a late Qing master in his examination writing. It reflects an era of overall national awakening process after the Manchu conquest and assimilation starting in 1644.

It is written surprisingly by a woman named Chu Wenjuan, who had high literary quality, and somehow was involved in the formal military and intelligence system.

The book was released by Mr. Wang Chengsheng of Zhong Wai magazine (China and Foreign Magazine) a publisher who assembled works to help the next generations in documentary efforts, despite sometimes not being profitable.

I am greatly appreciative of his dedicated effort. I will start to gradually disclose the real accounts.

I was so shocked to find out that she mentioned 228. In the book, she said that during this time she lost contact with her son for over a month. He worked in Taiwan as a government official in a sugar production plant in Tainan.

The son eventually surfaced, and told her that there were riots against the government officials, and a mobster stormed into the government plant and used a bayonet to puncture the bags. Holding a knife against his throat, one mobster asked the custodian (a Taiwan local): Is this man a good man? The custodian said, he is a good man.

His life was spared, and the knife was pointed toward the ground afterwards.

First of all, I would say that the 2/28/1947 events would not last as a curse and condemnation against us minorities, whose parents came from China, if there was the internet for communication at that time. This has become a roshomon story because 1) American left wing news journalists misconstrued the events to support their anti-Nationalist view, 2) Taiwanese, after 50 years of colonial Japanese control since 1895, had a hard time transitioning to Chinese control, and could not identify with the central Nationalist government which was busy in the civil war ignited by the Communists across the strait.

Taiwan sank to a land without the rule of law.

I was told by former Nationalist President Yen Jiagan's relatives on his whereabouts as he served as a government official in Taiwan at that time working in the central bank doing finance. He had to hide, and was sheltered by Taiwan family Lin, in the attic.

Another Kejia friend told me that her father came to Taiwan from Guangzhou to the Taichung penitentiary as a government guard. During the 228 riots, he was hit by some object, and if not for Chen Cheng's army rescue, her father would be gone.

So the real fact about 228 is that the few Nationalist government officials had to find shelter to hide out as they were outnumbered by rioting mobsters of Taiwan.

We must ask the question: where is the sense of rule of law during the 228 incidence of riots?

So we should not continue to let the people who lived in Taiwan earlier continue to wield their oppressive knives or curse over the people who came to Taiwan more recently with their constant charges.


The Nationalist government and the minorities who came to Taiwan with 2 million people in 1949, as opposed to the 6 million local Taiwanese.

The Chinese brought the country's national gold reserve, and built up Taiwan with their hard work, but still constantly have to face the charges of 228.

We hope that the factual accounts of the minorities from mainland searching for a safe haven in their local Taiwanese friends' home will give you an indication that the mainlanders were innocent.

The western Media should not overlook the fact that the Nationalist government gave the Taiwan local people over 175,000 households public land to till. This made them capitalists and the mainlanders were landless and at a disadvantage to compete on a level playing field.

Because of the 228 incidence, for decades, our Nationalist banks, constructs, and intellectual properties like radio broadcasting, TV stations, and the national enterprises like China Airlines, Central Broadcasting, Central Daily, China TV, China Trust bank, China Oil, China Steel, etc. all have been put into control of the Taiwanese hands.

During second Gold Reform in 2004 administered by former DPP president Chen ShuiBian, China Bank and Transportation Bank were absorbed into Zaofeng bank. China Trust Bank late chairman Gu Songlian was given $3 million a year as a government employee, while the government central bank chairman only made $40,000 a year. We are abhorred with the squandering of the Nationalist constructs by the waste of Taiwanese looting our hard build country. DPP owns the Hilton chain after siphoning off the Nationalist government's money.

The problem is that the DPP wants to confiscate all of the Nationalist assets and does not want to recognize the Republic of China.

We need to urge the pro-DPP professor Jerome Cohen that you must apply the rule of law to all, and to remind the DPP that in order to be on the political map they should not continually claim to be the victims of 228 and use it to justify taking over more and more of the minorities properties. The Taiwanese have always been the majority, but they want to paint the picture that they have been suppressed by the minority during 228, when the government had to run for cover because of insufficient defense as troops were deployed to the mainland in the civil war against the Communists. The DPP did not invent democracy, and they circumvent the rule of law by only applying it when it is to their advantage.

The Nationalist government had a rule of law building path since 1909 when the Congress was founded in the late Qing Dynasty, and was gradually refined, with a National Assembly established in 1946 and the Constitution promulgated in 1/1/1947.

We have accounts that 2/28/1947 was a riot by mobsters instigated against central government employees, during the Civil War time, 1946-1949, when the Taiwanese locals broke the rule of law with violence. We have to hold them to account.

This year we suggest that President Ma set this record right, and to stop bowing to the Taiwanese victims only, as the Nationalists were the real victims. We have suffered condemnation for decades, why no reports telling about the violence against government employees from the mobsters uprising?

With the visible unfair policy of the public land distribution only to Taiwan locals, this impoverished minorities, and furthermore the nationalist enterprises all have been siphoned to Taiwanese control. This discrimination, injustice, and severe encroachment on the minority rights and properties has to be stopped.

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