Written and Published by Han Institute, January 19, 2013

Inauguration is an Endorsement for the Nation's Opportunity to Grow

The Inauguration ceremony is an etiquette honoring and recognizing a country's constructs, like China's Li(etiquette) Ji(document), which solidified and honored governmental functions.

President Reagan has his inauguration facing west as he was the first president from the West Coast, so he wanted to speak for the Californians.

Many still think the center of the universe is in Washington D.C. and New York, and that the West Coast doesn't count.

But, all the hi-tech companies like Apple, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Intel are all from the California environment, which fosters innovation for all over the world.

LinkedIn Built on Google's Successful Image as an Innovation Hotbed

A recent trip to visit the LinkedIn campus with the TAJCC-NC (Taiwanese American Junior Chamber of Commerce Northern California) gives me the insight on how the hi-tech world has advanced from the time when I visited the HP, Oracle, and Informix compounds more than 10 years ago.

LinkedIn has 19 different cultures enmeshed, and they keep on building themselves up as a worldwide conglomerate. I am impressed with their programs in training interns from all corners of the world.

Government can grow with High Tech Companies

At the end of the presentation, I had a question for the analytical team.

Are you collaborating with the Labor Department? The nation's jobless rate is high. How can the employment rate be improved by tapping into the newest technology, since

LinkedIn is a professional job reference point?

From their answer, it didn't seem like they had considered this, and they admit that there are many unfilled jobs. They were proud that President Obama visited their campus in 2011 and gave a speech there, but do not have any special connection to the Labor Department. It seems like the Labor Department and LinkedIn should be working together to use the latest technological tools to help people find jobs, this would benefit the economy and would also help LinkedIn continue to increase their user base, which they state as their main goal. I believe that an entrepreneurial role is to foster better communication between the federal government and individuals. But Republicans believe that government's role is in the way of entrepreneurs.

Yes, entrepreneurs may help. The federal government needs your help. Obama needs your help.

So the private company does not have the idea of public-private collaboration or helping the federal government as their outlook in life, they are more concerned with expanding overseas.

Can't they understand that federal and private companies can grow together?

We are in a different era where insurance salesmen are scouring block for block for new customers, they want to control your finances, and your outlook toward life.

Insurance wants to expand into the world from developed nations to Taiwan and Vietnam in peddling their products.

There is no pure politically dedicated career, or federal dedicated employee. It used to be the norm for the nationalist government employees, but now they have become a rare kind.

While the government gets cut after cut, the national defense gets phased out, and the country gets hollowed out, for security reason, we should let Jews embrace Arabs, but can they? We should let Communists embrace Nationalists, but can they?

Should we give up our thesis of Congress, and go for one party PRC and the business model to collect most money for exploiting the lesser?

That's all on the road of our democracy and globalization.


Many times in distribution of national resources, New York gets the bonanza, like the recent $60 Billion in Hurricane Sandy relief aid. The media doesn't ask how the money is spent on the insurance companies. Meanwhile, they have to cut California's defense.

For over 25 years since the end of Regan's era, California has suffered several rounds of crashing in real estate as a result of outsourcing schemes, base closures, and realignment of California bases to Texas.

Democrats believe defense is only a military construct that deals with weapons. Democrats doesn't understand defense. Otherwise, there would not have been $600 billion cuts in defense in addition to the $500 billion in cuts already set in motion.

New York is a financial center, but California is an environment like a magnet which will draw more innovative minds to come to make products which can be used by the world. For this reason, California needs a good government system and defense infrastructure, so it will be ever more encouraging and a safe haven for the world's disillusioned to foster their ideals and dreams here in California.

When they leave their land and come with their hopes to this new land, they will be safe to do whatever they want, with the backing of a strong federal government and a sound security and defense infrastructure. Civilian workers are the backbone of the defense structure. Defense civilians play a key role in assisting military operations at the front line, and are integral in operations for security.

California has become a place that draws people from all over the world to seek a haven. The industry campus counts on the American system, which has evolved, building on previous good works in founding the defense infrastructure and world's leading democratic governmental structure.

Let's inaugurate the U.S. president with the support of the balanced governmental structure and defense infrastructure mechanism, which continues to assist industry to flourish and innovate in our great nation.

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