Written and Published by Han Institute, January 27, 2013

Axis of Subverting the State: The Bipartisan Blunder

Huffington Post: Washington is not addressing youth unemployment. We have the internet challenging our traditional mode of education.

Yes, up until now, the government role's has been to pick up the youth personnel with moderate pay, while private industry grabs all the Ivy League graduates with top pay.

Only in the top echelons of government administration do you see Harvard Ivy Leaguers, as in most of the government they recruit contractors, and later hire them to be government employees if their performance is excellent.

World-leading U.S. defense technology has been a driver of the economy and the force defend the side of the world oppressed by fascists or communists for the last few decades.

Senator John Kerry said during the confirmation hearing of Secretary of State that in the 1990s, we relied on technological innovations and made $1 trillion, while we will make $7 trillion in renewable energy in the coming years.

He means $1 trillion has been earned by real business innovations in technology, and upgrades in defense.

But now there are no youth programs with the government, just hiring freezes and pay freezes, and now sequestration furloughs are looming on the horizon, so the prospect is dim for American youth. If you say that the silver lining for the U.S. economy is betting on illegal immigrants with cheap pay, you are indebted to the American white collar, as there will be no jobs with decent pay to support them with a decent life.

In addition, the future 10-11 million illegal immigrants on the scene will require new social programs, and taxes to cover their expenditures, there is no government estimate of the costs they will incur.

Unemployed youth, not absorbed by private markets, can all go to Washington and demand Paul Ryan for assault on their hope for a humane existence in America.

Taiwan is facing a manpower grab from China across the Taiwan Strait. A college graduate in Taiwan only gets paid one quarter of the pay in China; so many people are leaving Taiwan for China.

The fight is all the same, it applies across all mankind, we all are entitled to a legitimate life, their jobs should not be sequestered on a whim of Congress.

When Russia president Medvedev was asked by Fareed Zakaria of the GPS program on CNN, what did President Obama mean when he said he would have 'more flexibility' in second term?

Medvedev said, there is no change on anti-missile defense, I don't see any flexibility.

Meanwhile US Congress goes to Taiwan to sell 8 submarines. All this money can't fill the teeth of rampant medical cost in Medicare, or pay for the grandiose post-Sandy reconstruction plan, as Senator Schumer wants the government to give everyone a GPS.

Surely, these Congressmen like Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor understand that all the defense hardware and software products were developed because of past projects, where military, civilian and private contractors worked in conjunction.

Discontinuity of Maintenance and Upgrades Can Erode Quality of U.S. Products

Now you are selling their fruit of the work, randomly furloughing these workers so that they will lose a quarter of their pay is corrupt morale.

At Davos, King of Abdullah of Jordan: I'm probably happier with my election this week than Israel's PM Netanyahu is with his. As a second term president Obama is better-positioned to push for the Middle East peace process.

The Middle East divide is like what the Chinese communists did to take advantage of war-torn China when the government was confronting the fascist Japanese invasion.

The business of terror is to elevate local thugs to a global ideology

Local thugs have nothing to do with international jihad. Terror and ransom is a lucrative business.


History replays again from China to Middle East; local thugs like Mao are promoting terrorism, hiding behind a grand socialist ideology to fool the western media. The west is blind to see that government normalcy cannot be replaced with any grand scheme without having proven its value.

For people who advocate for sequestration, knowing it will dismantle the U.S. national security structure and cause mayhem for society; this is like Mao professing an equal society while persecuting people.

In the end, sequestration has no value but destruction and weakening of the U.S. defense system, which the world depends on to keep the peace and protect trade.

The U.S. Congress is making a 200-year blunder, but the buck ultimately will stop at Obama's desk. If national security is sacrificed for political reasons, because each party thinks sequestration will make the other party look bad, sooner or later everyone will lose.

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