Written and Published by Han Institute, January 28, 2013

Ancient China's Shang Dynasty Wisdom Ding Vessel is the State Symbol, Reflecting Three Branches of Government

I took a government course as a prerequisite before I entered U.C. Berkeley. The fundamental US Governing thesis is the balance of power between the three branches of government, which are the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial Branch.

My father's homeland is in China Proper (Henan Province), where the old Shang Dynasty's capital was located. Shang Dynasty's wisdom is symbolized by the Ding, the Tripod vessel as a ruling power state symbol which is so closely correlated to the modern day balance of power.

Today, the Senate approved $50.5 Billion for Sandy relief victims. I have no qualms about the approval, but have trepidation about the amount.

This amount corresponds with a $55 billion per year cut in national defense.

The statistics indicate that national defense only represents 17% of the budget, but half of the mandated $492 billion of cuts must come from defense.

Today, Senate offered a new blueprint for immigration. I have questions about why the urgency for immigration reform, particularly when the threatening sequestration is looming and no party has any wisdom to disengage the country from the cuts.

Meanwhile, the hard data reveals the proposed massive furlough on defense civilians will save a pitiful $5 billion, while furloughing hundreds of thousands of civilian employees 1 day every week from 3/1 to 9/30.

From the Heritage Foundation:

"Unless Congress acts, March 1 will trigger a $55 billion-per-year ($45 billion in 2013, as the fiscal cliff deal delayed the cuts for two months) cut in national defense, known as sequestration, which will weaken the United States' ability to defend itself."

"But this does not have to happen; Congress should cut other spending to prevent the debilitating cuts to defense."

As Elliot Gaiser, currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation reports, they could phase out current farm subsidies, saving $4.5 billion annually, reduce energy subsidies for commercialization, saving $4.5 billion annually; and rescind unspent funds from Obama's ineffective stimulus bill, saving $31 billion.

"National defense, unlike most other discretionary programs, is a central constitutional duty and today represents only 17 percent of the budget. Yet nearly half of the Congress-mandated sequestration cuts-$492 billion-would come from defense."

The leader has lied to the youth who supported him.

This atrocious aim of Immigration reform is to wither America's youth job prospects at the white collar level but not blue collar, as President Obama already rescued GM with a bailout plan.

American youth must compete with Indians, Chinese coolie engineers, 'all day work without play, make Jack a dull boy' as the Shining the movie Jack Nicholson says.

As questioned by the reporters why you are not considering the American workers rights first, in your eager plan to let 11 million illegals to obtain citizenship and right away to become eligible to work to compete with the Americans?

Senator McCain said: We want the Ph.D's and technical workers to stay in the U.S.

Apparently, these elected officials are too smart to speak for their own voters.

So their mask is off, now that the election is over. They swindled the youth with their $5, $10 small sums to massively donate their support for this righteous president, and in the end, they must digress to get furloughed and yield their work rights for their country, and most of all, to work for pay, not to be a recipient of the welfare state.

The country quickly turns to the country's safe vault for $70 billion for Hurricane Sandy relief, but is so unwilling to pay their own people enough for a basic living standard, and work ethics are getting broken by outsourcing. Now the illegal immigrants will suddenly have the same status as American workers, to grab our jobs. We have no problems with the illegals becoming legal, but it should not be at our expense. Many American students work part-time jobs to earn a degree.

$70 billion of Hurricane Sandy relief was passed, now do hundreds of thousands of civilian workers have to be furloughed to pay for it? That would take 14 years at $5 billion at year. The country's posture to threaten a particular class, defense civilians, interest and rights, looks like it would be a Supreme Court class action lawsuit case.

They are trying very hard to remove the existence of civilian defense.

Like the Chinese Nationalists betting on wrong party, for New York Governor Dewey, but Truman won.

The problem is that we bet on Obama, but he turned out to be just great talker, and took every $5 from small people, young people, and in the end, is turning around to annihilate their existence.

Medicare is a sacred cow, but by the time we get old, we fear it won't be there.

Unless magic happens, the Justice Department has to make sure our rights are not trampled on by the powerful ones; otherwise it looks like America will tank.

I know where to escape, but what a pity, the American heritage is gone forever.

Apparently, Obama is so busy in unraveling the US and he doesn't need to think of his conscience in drafting state of the Union. He is making a big speech to thank the Latinos for supporting him, but he shouldn't sell out the rest of America to thank them.

He is an ideologue and is ready to annihilate America, betraying the middle class and the young, who voted for him and placed their trust in him.


The Supreme Court is the last resort for the Defense civilians to have a hearing so that their rights are protected. Is furloughing civilian defense employees one day a week constitutional? It certainly is not ethical or moral. Should the budget be balanced on the back of one oppressed group, which has no bargaining power? We only wait for the third branch, the Supreme Court to reverse the two other branches motion, and hope that this constant job harassment can stop.

If the Supreme Court fails to hold up justice, then the state collapses, as all three legs are broken, and American institutions will be pronounced bygone.

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