Written and Published by Han Institute, February 2, 2013

Who Built Taiwan River Bank Up: Life's Heroic Page Covered in Shadows

Although the Nationalist party was founded by young people, with passion for China to be a decent free modern democratic country, nowadays, the branch party is filled with yesterday's youth, and practically, all are senior citizens, I'm the exception.

As the committee member of the Taiwan American Chamber of Commerce, Northern California, I invited Mr. Mo and his wife to our March 9 annual banquet. Mo Yehao is a loyal Nationalist and business owner. His wife family operates Max Factor's partner delegate companies. He went to Taichung City's Fengjia University and I went to a grade school near there.

He called to thank me, and talked to me for 1 hour and 59 minutes until his phone ran out of batteries. What he said was a shocking revelation of Taiwan's past.

Mr. Mo told me that in his recent trip back to Taichung, Wufeng (Misty Peak), and when he saw the neat river bank, his tears rolled down. He said that his father's soldiers with their hands built the river bank. His father was a general. There was no crane. It was done by shovels. There was no cement. They put pebbles in wire nets, and piled them up together. They widened it by detonating dynamite. Like New Year firecrackers, if you don't run away fast, you are exploded into splinters.

He said when his alumni saw his tearful eyes, and guessed he was missing his family who was buried in the mountain. He was really thinking about how much work that Taiwan soldiers put into building up the river bank, on the road from Taichung city to the outskirts Wufung.

By the river bank, there are peaceful stretches for bike riding on the upper deck, cars underneath. See the photo.

The military is a very misunderstood class of people. They really built Taiwan up into a modern country.

Also, the East-West Highway was commissioned by President Chiang Jingguo. However, there were many who died, this was covered up by the government, without the accurate fatality numbers being released.

There were two people who proposed to President Jiang Zemin to start a special economic zone of Shanghai Pudong, Dr. Lin Tonyen, and Yang Yuqiu.

I quote Mr. Yang Yuqiu from Jiangsu province: 70% of Taiwan's bridges and roads had my planning and work involved.

So public employees, central government and military made great contributions to Taiwan. We should not demonize them.

Editor's note: When the Nationalists moved China's ancient national treasures to Taiwan, they moved them into the WuFeng mountain tunnel for safekeeping, this was done by Nationalist education minister Dr. Zhu Jiahua.


We just installed a new prime minister, or minister of the Executive Yuan, Dr. Jiang Yihua. I had personal dialogue with him when he visited the Bay Area. He listened with his heart to our feelings. I believe he will help with new policies that can restore some faith toward the Nationalists. Our Nationalist grievances can begin to have some hearing, so the Taiwan conscience can be awakened, and work can begin.

Fallen leaves return to their roots, almost time for me to return to Taichung where I can retrace Dr. Zhu Jiahua's work, and his preservation of mankind and Chinese culture.

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