Written and Published by Han Institute, February 6, 2013

Comparative Institutions: From 19th Century European Immigration to USA Immigration Reform

Social Scientist Max Weber on Immigration Issue

Weber examined the rapidly industrializing cities' immigration situation and suggested that the Junkers (aristocrats) were profiting from the Slavic migration to the new German industrialized cities. The US' immigration bill is introduced during a time of rapidly rising unemployment with intention to furlough and oust civilians' hard work.

If you understand the Protestant capitalist rise and fall in the 1800s, 1900, 2000, this will make you aware of today's geopolitical climate change and will help you get a grip of the US transformation from self reliance to a country made of giants with no tears. The sun sets on the Western Empire based on Protestants' culture, capitalism.

"Max Weber, with his essay The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, which became his most famous work, laid the foundations for his later research on the impact of cultures and religions on the development of economic systems."

Understand the European labors migration in the 1800's will help you understand today's immigration issue.

From Wikipedia:

"In 1888 Weber joined the Verein f Socialpolitik, a new professional association of German economists affiliated with the historical school, who saw the role of economics primarily as finding solutions to the social problems of the age and who pioneered large scale statistical studies of economic issues. He also involved himself in politics, joining the left-leaning Evangelical Social Congress. In 1890 the Verein established a research program to examine "the Polish question" or Ostflucht: the influx of Polish farm workers into eastern Germany as local laborers migrated to Germany's rapidly industrialising cities."

"From 1893 to 1899 Weber was a member of the Alldeutscher Verband (Pan-German League), an organization that campaigned against the influx of the Polish workers; the degree of Weber's support for the Germanisation of Poles and similar nationalist policies is still debated by modern scholars."

"In some of his work in particular his provocative lecture on "The Nation State and Economic Policy" delivered in 1895, Weber criticizes the immigration of Poles and blames the Junker class for perpetuating Slavic immigration to serve their selfish interests."

Comparative Institutions: from European Immigration to USA

Social Scientist Max Weber on Immigration Issue

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Junker was an often pejorative designation for a member of the landed nobility in Prussia and Eastern Germany.

If Slavic migration was to serve the Junker class, then, who is to profit with American immigration? The American aristocratic class, such as the Yahoo and Google CEO's, and Steve Case, will profit. Who will lose? Civilians currently working will be robbed of their existing jobs, face furloughs, and be replaced by cheaper Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian immigrants, in name of profit margins, efficiency, and removing redundancy.

In the 1800's, Europe evolved from the "Let them eat cake" era to ethnic migration from Eastern European farmers (Poland) to industrialized Western Europe (Germany), and Britain. The KMT under Dr. Sun Yat-sen's tutelage rose from a sub colony status to become a nation.

Privatization of the Defense Civilian Sector Needs Fair Planning

We should learn from the painful privatization of the KMT assets. This created a huge gap between the rich and poor. The rich are the Taiwan natives, they were given land, and converted the land to become great capitalists, and were able to grab the public assets. This social inequality needs to be amended. If U.S. is to privatize the public sector, they must do it in a fair way, to give the defense civilians their due share of return, such as in the form of stock shares, so they will be the owners of the new private company, instead of being banished with no pay and no job. If the civilian defense has developed a product that is used by the Navy, this should be treated as a commercial product and they need to receive shares in exchange for this product.

AOL founder Steve Case's going to White House to pitch for 12 million illegal immigrants already has gotten sociologist Weber's condemnation.

Immigration & Killing Defense of America

Immigration Bill is Wrong at this Time

Obama can't apply justice to get oil company subsidies, and he wants the civilian defense workers to pay the difference. Some say furloughs can be the down payment on the debt, instead of reforming entitlement spending.

Privatize the Federal defense works to have lords of Google to lead them.

Federal government defense is not too slow to be in tune with the times, however, a fast search engine like Google needs fast state of the art servers and equipments, since the government uses taxpayer money it is subject to many oversights and constraints, and must get approval from the Congress for budgets, that takes more time compared to private industry.

Everyone comes to America with a dream but the dream is starting to die and fade, as we realize the powerful is always the winner, no matter where you go.

Suggestions for both parties

Republicans have a couple of strong points:

(1) They can make the case the Social Security and Medicare (also known as "entitlement" or "mandatory" programs) are long overdue for reforms, so that the debt is kept under control. But, the reforms need to be long-term, not just short-term patches, and their proposals have to be fair, so that the American people will accept them. So far, they have just put forward the Ryan budget, which makes drastic and unfair changes too quickly. The people would rather have no reform than bad reforms, the Republicans don't seem to understand that.

(2) They can make the case that they are serious about controlling the debt, and that Obama is not. (But to do that, their proposals have to be serious) Democrats can easily win this battle, though, by also making the case that Social Security and Medicare need reform, and by proposing more reasonable reforms than the Republicans.

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