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The Only Incumbent US President that Ever Visited Republic of China

What Happened when President Eisenhower Visited Taiwan

As a SF KMT branch Wei Yuan committee member, I was invited to the Bin Gong Ancestral annual New Year Celebration. I got into the city earlier than I thought, so I went to the Whampoo Academy Alumni Association office to visit. It is small but still functional, and I so blessed to hear the anecdotes from the members.

We chatted, as my father from deep in China Proper was enlisted in the army and went to Whampoo Academy. I appreciate Whampoo friendship and support to become a KMT committee branch officer. What I learned was the sacrifices made by the military as they were humble and did their work without exploiting people.

Whampoo Alumni Association Secretary Meng and member Mr. Zhang confided their insider feelings with me. They all like President Chiang KaiShek, but disliked his son, Chiang Ching-kuo. This is because Chiang Ching-kuo had a Russian-specific secret intelligence behavior that intimidated people by physical cruelty.

Once youthful soldiers of Whampoo, now they reminisce about China and Taiwan. Mr. Zhang says he was a far expedition young boy soldier under general O Sun Liren.

In November 1947, General Sun Liren relocated the Army training command center to Kaoxiong's Fengshan Phoenix Mountain.

In 1960, President Eisenhower visited ROC (Taiwan) as the only incumbent president that ever visited the ROC since her inception the founding day of January 1, 1912.

Wherever a graceful leader goes, he or she will bring the best out to assist the needy.

They told me it was Sun Liren who requested Eisenhower to set up a US and China (Republic of China) Joint command center.

According to Whampoo alumni Mr. Zhang, the soldiers like him only had congee and sweet potatoes as their meal, and they had night blindness because of lack of Vitamin E, so General Sun asked for American wheat and soybeans to assist the soldiers with food. Upon my asking why they didn't eat the normal rice, they said there was a shortage of rice in Taiwan because rice was shipped to Japan.

It is myth the Taiwan had abundance; the truth is people had little rice and no shoes, Taiwan was in stark poverty. The nationalist government and the military all had to build Taiwan up.

So the Americans helped Taiwan to set up several rice factories and the American aid of wheat. Wheat bran, milk and soybeans helped the military and the civilians with daily basic nutrients. People lined up every day to receive food and milk from churches, even current ROC President Ma Ying-jeou.

Another personal note, after Eisenhower's 1960 visit, many new military villages were built in Taiwan as the August 7 1959 flood rendered many homeless in the middle and south sections of Taiwan, and the east coast farmland was given to the homeless as a homestead.

Perhaps Eisenhower Knew the Longitude and Latitude Battle in KMT Lineage as De Facto Ruler

General Sun Liren was a Boxer National Redemption Scholarship honor student, as number 1 to enter Qinghua University. He had contributions in the Burma expedition enterprise and assisted Louis Mountbatten the Burma Governor and Southeast Asia overall commander. He coordinated with George Patton in Europe in 1945.

General Sun could have captured Communist Marshal Lin Biao in Manchuria, but because of political intrigue, I suspect because of the secret agreement of Stalin and American George Marshall that Sun let Chinese communist Lin Biao run loose.

Eisenhower would only trust one man-- General Sun Liren.

General Eisenhower knew that Chiang Ching-kuo tried to ascend to the throne and suppressed many people including generals and statesmen inside and outside of Taiwan.

Chiang Ching-kuo never was involved with the military, yet he went on to become a general ahead of his half-brother Jiang Weiguo, whose father was Dr. Sun's protege, party preeminent theorist Dai Chuanxian.

When Eisenhower Came to Taiwan

Whampoo's open secret, Chiang Ching-kuo stained the Whampoo name.

KMT has to carry the burden of Chiang Ching-kuo's secret KGB style.

Character analysis of Chiang Ching-kuo: His early schooling in the Soviet Union gave him a KGB distortion about life.

Chiang Ching-kuo's life in Soviet Union was miserable as he had to work in a factory. He met a Belarusian girl and married her. Then, Chiang was interested in a woman in Jiangxi province, and the woman died mysteriously and left a pair of twin boys.

Later, in Taiwan, Chiang was interested in an opera singer Gu Zhengqiu. Chiang jailed the husband Ren Xianqun who was working on currency and finance with Yen ChiaGan, President of ROC 1975-1978.

According to Whampoo alumni, because of Chiang Ching-kuo, anyone who had any link to Sun Liren was jailed and persecuted, some had their legs broken or were pushed out of a train.

Editor's personal note. KMT formulated a committee by the Jian Cha committee member Mr. Xiong Zai Wei, who spared Sun Liren's life after the investigation, but Sun Liren was put under house arrest.

Analysis of the impact of the two factions of the KMT vying for ruling power.

KMT's Chiang Ching-kuo gave Taiwanese farmers households 175,000 public land without giving the resistance war efforts veterans land. This created an inequality.

Philosophy of Imbalance Longitude and Latitude

1) Chiang Ching-kuo exploited Nationalist soldiers' labor to build up Taiwan, like the dangerous east-west highway and levees. America gave aid to help them to survive. 2) His abused his power and used KGB style to persecute KMT opponents. 3) His style of terror secrecy and assassination in 1984 of a San Francisco Daly City writer brought the alarm of the US, which led to Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham to help push to terminate the ending of martial law, unfortunately this led to the rise of the DPP.

The Nationalists suffered monetarily and in name under both the DPP and Chiang Ching-kuo's suppression.

KMT Zhong Tong central statistical intelligence bureau head is Zhu Jiahua, the Wei (his protege Chiang Weiguo) side of the KMT, Latitude.

Editor's note: Chiang Weiguo was sent to a German military academy on the recommendation letter of Dr. Zhu Jiahua, but he had to stay as a Lieutenant General for a long time, while Chiang Ching-kuo, who never had military training, was made a higher-ranking general.

But the Weiguo side was usurped by Jiang Ching-kuo, as secret KGB head. This mars the overall KMT name.

Editor's realization: the Ching-kuo (Longitude) perennially tried to emulate the Weiguo (Latitude), and his mentor Dr. Zhu's work, and tried to eradicate and suppress it. This subjected many Nationalists to be under the fear of white terror persecution, and made DPP win over 20 years from 1988 to 2008. Ma Jing-yeou revitalizes it, but the KMT has a long way to recover, the work is really just only beginning.

Chiang's behavior benefited local Taiwanese, but suppressed the one KMT wing that did all the modernization, resistance against Japan war and who sacrificed their youth in lifelong work in Taiwan.

But the true Nationalists are happy and proud, as they are the real heroes.

Needless to say, The Taiwanese all love Chiang Ching-kuo as he really turned the nationalist property to Taiwan locals and the ROC & KMT throne to local man Denghui Lee who supports Japan colonialist mentality.

Communists like Chiang Ching-kuo as he is steeped in Soviet ideology.

Communists took over mainland China and persecuted the Nationalists.

The integration between Nationalists and Communists isn't easy as just signing a peace agreement, because the Communists took over the Nationalist land and don't want to negotiate as equals.

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