Written and Published by Han Institute, March 4, 2013

Mother's Ginkgo Hometown

My mother was born in Nanjing, the Nationalist Capital City and China's capital city for ten dynasties. She was brought up in Taixian because her parents went to Japan to study. Communist PRC changed the name from Taixian to Taizhou.

President Hu Jintao was born in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province.

Taizhou has Ginkgo forests.

It had Taizhou Academy which bred Ming's Chinese Shakespeare, Tang Xianzu. So here creates modern opera singer, Mei Lanfang.

My great grandfather was a judge after he went to Japan's Waseda University (Harvard Law School of Japan), democracy bastion, to study law.

Although I have never been to Taizhou, my family's innate artistic literature genes derive from Taizhou, so Taizhou contributes to my predisposition towards literature.

Taizhou genes give me a natural bent to comprehend Chinese ethos and culture.

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