Written and Published by Han Institute, March 30, 2013

Peace Talk with Communists Means Unconditional Surrender

Before China can supersede US to become number one in the world, she must reconcile her past history. This can't be achieved by negotiations like the Secret Yalta treaty by a few, but rather it should be under broad sunlight with the citizens informed.

A Peace treaty is a misleading concept. This is because peace treaty means different things to Chinese nationalists and Chinese communists.

To Chinese nationalists, a peace treaty means to negotiate between two opposing sides to reach to an agreement that binds both sides. But to communists, peace is a means to reach ultimate conquest.

Homework must be done by both citizens under the Republic of China and People's Republic of China.

There should be plenty of programs on YouTube, in presenting history and viewpoints, and eventually reach to a consensus. It can't be done by a few diplomats or representatives.

Meanwhile, a good book "Last Peace Talk between KMT and CCP and China's Unification" by Xia-Ling Liu, which depicts many peace talks among nationalists and communists will provide you the insights.

Author: Xia-Ling Liu, Book Title: Last Peace Talk Between Chinese Nationalists and Communists, and China's Unification.

Only by studying, and informing the public, can peace be obtained.

Refer to Page 65, Author Xia-Ling Liu, "To Communists, "Peace Talk" is not for peace, but a battle strategy."

"Peace Talk" is propaganda and is psychological warfare".

"Peace talk, Cease Fire, and Battle, are three interchangeable components. This is the communist Chinese applying most typical dialectical method."

The Miscommunications of the Peace Talk

To Americans, a peace talk is a contract that both sides sign and honor. To Chinese nationalists, it is like one word promised that is as weighty as the national vessel symbol Ding Tripod. Anything signed warrants fulfillment of the promise. But to communists, peace talk is something that is only an intermediate step to reach to ultimate conquest the other side that has no rights but submission.

If Americans can't follow the idea that Peace talk means different things to the communists, any peace talk is futile, like when George Marshall was the peace talk mediator between 2 sides of the Chinese civil war, and he failed miserably. He effectively split China into two parts, PRC and ROC, by calling for a cease fire when the Nationalists were winning. Now putting the two sides back together cannot be done by a peace talk.

We can begin the process of peace work by informing with history and education.

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