Written and Published by Han Institute, April 7, 2013

Dr. Zhu Jiahua Opposed Scorched Earth Policy and Saved China

As Zhejiang Province chairman 1936-38, the first thing he did was to appropriate sufficient funds to all agencies in the entire province.

He abolished more than 400 items of taxes. He retroactively gave funds to Academia Sinica, adding more than 200,000 Yuan.

He created a wireless telephone network for the remote regions in southwest and northwest of China.

July 7, 1937 Marco Polo Bridge battle between China and Japan erupted. August 13, 1937, the Shanghai battle started.

On November 5, the Japanese military landed on Jinshan Wei. The 10th army, 63rd division, was asked to bomb the Qian Tang River's banks, in order to stop the advancement of Japanese army.

If it was broken, Zhijiang Province's Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou, and Jiangsu Province's Suzhou, Songjiang, Taichang, Changzhou, and Zhenjiang would have become flooded.

These old 8 prefectures are China's creme de la creme.

So Dr. Zhu phoned the frontline to stop. At the same time, he called Chiang Kai-shek to force military to abstain from destroying the river bank.

Chairman of Zhejiang Province, 1936-38

Chiang Kaishek returned the telephone call to do accordingly, and preserved the 8 prefectures' lives and property.

Dr. Zhu asked Central Bank, China Bank, Transportation Bank, and Farmers Bank personnel to turn in vehicles and sent police to help transport out of 4 million Yuan as Nov 14, when the army retreated from Hangzhou.

Dr. Zhu called Chiang to appropriate the British Boxer redemption funds to move the Nanjing Chaotian palace's stored artifacts. What we have in Taiwan Wufeng's Palace Museum artifacts are the items saved by him. Editor note: Wufeng artifacts have been relocated to Taipei Palace Museum.

November 20, the military took tons of TNT to bomb Qian Tang Jiang Bridge. Dr. Zhu said, "At the time of construction, we already placed a location for bombs, so anytime it can be bombed. Now it is our thoroughfare, we can't do it right away. Let me be responsible to do it at appropriate time."

So eventually after one month the bridge was bombed on December 23, after Hangzhou was relocated. Many wounded soldiers, personnel, and resources were able to be transported safely.

November 24, Hangzhou locals came to inform him that some districts with labels on them will be burned down. They thus prepared to burn down Hangzhou.

Dr. Zhu was against the scorched earth strategy. He believed if we are forced out of our own land, the people and property still belong to China, and we will return one day. We can't burn our own cities. Dr. Zhu checked the order was from Shanghai special troops, and put a stop order. Editor's note: I strongly suspect it was Russian trained Chiang Jingguo's idea to instrument Scorched Earth policy. This demonstrated that Dr. Zhu Jiahua and Chiang Jingguo had different political training and ideas.

December 9, 1938, Dr. Zhu left Hangzhou. He told the mayor that once the Hangzhou retreat process was complete, you must prevent the Scorched Earth policy as this idea is very prevalent. Editor's note: During the war panic time somehow people believed in burning the land to preserve it, they were caught in irrational thinking.

Dr. Zhu later came to Ruian, Zhejiang Province. My grandfather was Ruian's mayor.

In 1938, on Lunar Chinese New Year, Dr. Zhu came to Jiangxi Province's capital Nanchang. He told the chairman of Jiangxi Province that it is inappropriate to administer Scorched Earth Policy.

Dr. Zhu then arrived in Hunan Province's capital Chang Sha, and told Chairman Zhang Zhizhong that the scorched land policy is not just.

The fifth day, Dr. Zhu arrived in Hankou, Hubei Province. He resolutely announced he was against the scorched land policy.

The next day, Wang Zhaoming made an announcement in Central Daily to endorse for Dr. Zhu. Since then, the general concept started to change against the scorched land policy, from destruction to preservation.

This proves that Dr. Zhu Jiahua was the conscience for Chinese culture while Chiang Jinguo was indoctrinated by Soviets in pushing for the scorched land policy.

Editor's Notes: This data is all from Dr. Zhu Jiahua's Journals, compiled by Hu Songping.

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