Written and Published by Han Institute, May 18, 2013

Ancient Master Engineer Lu Ban’s Measurement Yardstick

鲁班营造尺总长仅有32厘米作为一尺。在营造法则中,主要以班尺量门,宜以门框内空间为准。凡俗作门,以宽为准,高次之。营造用尺法则,并非见吉取吉的简单用数方法。1,宜分清使用对象.即仕官或凡俗.2,应与宅向类型择合吉数取尺立门。3,同时择合立门之吉日。属艮巽兑震的宅向:宜取用财禄,义和,官威,劫盗星度的其中某一寸吉祥数值。宅门吉值宜选:财禄星92一96厘米,124一128 156一192 220一224 284一288 316一320 348一384厘米。义和星80一83厘米 112一115 144一147 176一179 208一211 240一243 272一275 304一307 330一339 368一371厘米。属坤坎乾离的宅向:宜取用吉福,祸害,病丧,奔离星度的其中某一寸吉祥数值。宅门吉值宜选:吉福星96一99厘米 128一163 160一195 224一227 256一259 288一291 320一323 352一355 384一387厘米。如上数值跟据宅向定位适当用于门窗即可.实际用尺允许偏差5毫米.但是,营造规则中不建议用作于落地飘窗。其它详细作选规则不在此细述。

Master Lu Ban was born 507 B.C. and died 444 B.C. He was a marvelous inventor. All the engineers and carpenters refer to him as master.

Lu Ban’s ruler is a measurement tool for construction of housing, palaces, altars, shrines, memorial tablets of deities, and graves. It’s similar to today carpenter’s curved ruler. Length is 42.9 centimeter, cm. It was invented by Lu country’s Gong Shu Ban during Spring and Autumn (Early East Zhou Dynasty). It was added with Feng Shui 8 characters in order to measure housing, called ‘door meter’, which is for examining after whittling, the board and structure, if it is vertical and the side edge is right angle. It has the function in Chinese Fengshui culture, architecture.

He invented carpenter’s ink marker, planer, saw, and driller.

墨斗【mòdǒu】 carpenter's ink marker. 刨【bào】 plane down; planer; planing machine. 鋸【jù】 saw; cut with a saw.

He invented a wood bird that can go into the sky by wind power and stay there for 3 days, this is pioneering aviation science. Lu Ban also modified a carriage and it became mechanized wood vehicle horse driven. It was controlled by a wooden man with gadgets to walk freely.

Lu Ban made mechanized weapons to attack the cities. But later gave up these harmful weapons. The ‘corner ruler’ is to measure the board, Santalum album, and structure whether they are vertical or right angle.

Lu Ban also invented the DingLan meter, which measures altar, niche, shrine, deity memorial tablet.

Geomancy values the Lu Ban ruler

Geomancy (Greek "earth divination") is a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand.

Palace Peace door is based on Lu Ban’s meter. The length matches with dynasty engineering department yardstick, the Ministry of Works in feudal China. 8 characters dealing with Yang (living residential design), 10 characters dealing with Yin (graves). Lu Ban ruler’s 10 characters matching with predictions based on the position of the object in relation to the environment. In Qing dynasty, ministry of Engineering works, with 124 types of doors measurement yardstick, fortune gate 31, Righteous air door 31, official prosperity 33 gates, Blessing moral 29 gates. Single leaf door with 2 chi 8 cun, double leaf door open to 4 chi (=0.333 metre) 3 cun (=.333 decimetre), 1 fen(=0.333 centimetre)

尺【chǐ】 a unit of length (=0.333 metre)

寸【cùn】 a unit of length (=0.333 decimetre)

分【fēn】a unit of length (=0.333 centimetre)

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