Written and Published by Han Institute, June 8, 2013

In Memoriam to Great Visionary Professor & Dean of College of Engineering

Arthur Richard Newton
Dean of the College of Engineering
Roy W. Carlson Professor of Engineering
UC Berkeley
1951 - 2007

I had encountered a great man as I was working in the department of EECS. He served as an inspirational force for me.

He had a pair of dark eyes of quiet wisdom. He was well liked. His favorite poet is Rilke. Here is a poem:

"The Walk"
My eyes already touch the sunny hill,
going far ahead of the road I have begun.
So we are grasped by what we cannot grasp;
it has its inner light, even from a distance and changes us, even if we do not reach it,
into something else, which, hardly sensing it, we already are;
a gesture waves us on, answering our own wave ...
but what we feel is the wind in our faces.

"The Walk" by Rainer Maria Rilke (1924)
Translated by Robert Bly

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