Written and Published by Han Institute, July 6, 2013

KMT Always Will Be the Protagonist in Reconciliation with China Mainland

In Chinese history, in the Civil War between KMT and CCP 1927-1949, KMT was the protagonist and CCP was the antagonist, but DPP is a modern party established 1986, not qualified to negotiate.

DPP can never supersede the role of the KMT in negotiation with mainland China.

This is because under the Republic of China Nationalist government China recovered Taiwan in 1945 after 50 years, since the Qing government gave Taiwan to Japan after the defeat in the Jia Wu War in 1894.

In 1949, two million people fled Mao, migrating from Mainland China to Taiwan, and there were 6 million local Taiwanese, the ratio was 3:1, we have always been in the minority. It doesn't mean we don't have a voice and must yield the presidency to Taiwan extremist indoctrinated DPP, who claim Taiwan needs to be under majority rule, as they declare President Ma will be the last minority president.

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