Written and Published by Han Institute, July 17, 2013

Please Help 88 Million Americans to Reach Their Dream of Full-time Work with Fair Immigration Policy

Today, Representative Steve King, Republican-Iowa, Sioux City, petitioned for Americans to have a chance to live freely without being forced out of the job market.

He said we have 88 million people who are not in the workforce, but they are of working age.

We have an elitist system that wants illegal cheap workers to clean their houses. The illegals are not in the shadow; they are lobbying openly in my office.

Americans would work anywhere for a decent standard of living. Now we are forced to yield jobs to illegals. We then put these out of luck 88 million people on our welfare system, check the Department of Labor website for the statistics, force them into early retirement, or leave the full time job market.

My comment is that rather we are forcing legal Americans into the shadow of living at a deprived level to receive government handouts, while yielding their jobs to 11 million illegals.

Representative Michelle Bachmann gives the data that only 14% small businesses were hiring in the past year, and they don't plan to hire in the future.

Globally, adding all the combined countries people who enter US is astoundingly higher than the US people who can go to other countries. One million a year granted, and 4 million still in waiting. If you make 11 million eligible for welfare benefits, but it is not so fair to the 4 million waiting. We do have an immigration system that has been instituted.

These troops keep piling on to hit America, yet we have no small business employment to accommodate them.

Yes. We do have shadows of greed in hiding and ready to hit and rob normal citizens of their due share of protection under the fair law that has been instituted throughout the years. We don't have capacity to accommodate illegal immigrants, like a tidal wave.

Summary: Chinese suffered Exclusion Act of 1882. For 60 years, due to the nationalist WWII large sacrifice and working as an Allied country to the US, it was abolished in 1942 by FDR.

After the Chinese Civil War, 1949, the communists have had a monopoly over the China mainland. They have risen through exclusive rights over national land and resources and China has become a wonderland for the communist rank and file with endless privileges.

They come to the US by droves with families; some are buying out US depressed housing for all cash down. Some are poor who can apply for US health services, monthly allowances, housing assistance. Indeed, the overhead is crushing on middle class American families.

So as far as Chinese nationalists are concerned, we were robbed and purged first time in the Chinese mainland, and the second time, as minority, our properties and constructs were confiscated by DPP in Taiwan, now the third time, in the US, we should not turn in our hard earned nest egg of saving and living standard to be depreciated by the new surge of immigrants.

One thing to note to Congress: We Nationalists observe the law and strict immigration quotas.

My great uncle and uncles followed all of the laws and paid a high price to immigrate to the U.S. legally. First they were students and were eventually rewarded with decent jobs after years of hard work, and helped to advance American technology because they as Nationalists are the allies of America. They earned American citizenship with humility, but the Chinese Communists always have hostility toward the U.S. Other than a few selective companies, Communists give no breaks to any U.S. citizens, including the Chinese Nationalists.

The Communists are the new aristocrats, they occupy China's rich resources and land which were fought for by the Nationalists during World War II. It was the Nationalists who the Japanese surrendered to, and the country is called Republic of China. By law, we have the sovereignty of mainland China.

Usually the unions support Democrats, and the unions helped Obama get elected, but unions oppose Obama's amnesty for illegal immigrants. Now it is the Republicans who are standing up for American workers.

We want the billionaires to have some conscience, to respectfully advancing your empire, but not at the cost of lost jobs for millions of Americans.

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