Written and Published by Han Institute, June 6, 2014

70th Anniversary of D-Day Comments: Psychological profiles of George Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower

Marshal Complex
Psychological profiles on George Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower
A 70th Normandy Special edition,
~ Free Mind

1) Who enabled Normandy landing? Examine Timeline, Landing is a tidal wave, accumulated via many battle experiences to make it possible.

2) ROC raised 100K troops to assist England's Burma, India. Patton took planes alloted to Burma theater to N. Africa.

3) Following on N. Africa battle success, Allies leaped across Mediterranean, invaded Mussolini's Italy.

4) After a couple of years of battles in S. Europe, Allies had a converging force land in Northern Europe, in Normandy, France.

5) ROC Dr. Zhu enlisted German support as he studied in Shanghai's German-run Tongji medical school. ROC Army & Navy were trained by Germans.

6) Historical data: 1/28/1932 - 1st Shanghai battle negotiated by German ambassador to have peace, after Japan invaded Manchuria 9/18/1931.

7) In August 1937, Chinese Nationalists combated second Shanghai defense war, equipped by Germans.

8) October 1938, ROC Navy was completely annihilated once Hitler called back top German military advisers to leave China by end of June.

9) Time Magazine exposed that Japanese tanks invading Huabei in North China prairie were manufactured in US.

10) US let 12/1937-1/1938 45 days Nanjing Rape holocaust occur without any intervention or lending a hand. Germans helped to shelter victims.

11) To fend off fascist Japan, China needed German military support. The British were anti-Germany, & sided w/Japan in 1894 Jiawu battle.

12) In 1894-5, Japan bought British fleet, and defeated China's fleet bought from Germany.

13) If you have Eisenhower with a British lover as his secretary and driver, then, he would be biased against German women.

14) At end of WWII, 1M Berlin women were raped by Soviet soldiers. This is on Eisenhower's watch, as he divided Berlin up into 4 portions.

15) Eisenhower had a complex against the defeated enemy nation German women.

16) George Marshall case. As overall WWII commander, was indebted to Soviet ally & hampered his job as peace negotiator in China's civil war.

17) While the US did not assist Chinese Nationalists during Civil War, the Soviets with their powerful artillery assisted Communist China.

18) MacArthur fought shoulder to shoulder with Chinese Nationalists in Pacific Ocean so he wanted to stage a comeback in Manchuria.

19) ROC should still be in UN, because of the work they did in WWII. France surrendered 6/22/1940, more than a year before US entered war.

20) ROC had been in battle against fascist Japan since 1931, 10 years before US entered the war.

21) ROC's removal of fascist Japan benefited Russia the most, yet Russia staged a coup against ROC, & they expanded their power into Korea.

22) ROC removed Germany's ally, Japan. Yet Russians, didn't fire 1 shot to help, armed Communists to attack central officials in Manchuria.

23) Marshall was indebted to Russia, he put emphasis on Europe, via Marshall Plan to W. Europe w/o giving the Nationalists economic support.

24) During civil war, US arms embargo on Nationalists, while Russians helped Communists with surrendered Japanese weapons in Manchuria.

25) Chinese Civil War wasn't even, as Russians used top personnel to help Communists, while Nationalists didn't get help from US & depleted.

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