Written and Published by Han Institute, August 1, 2014

The Last Mainland Battle Between Communists and Nationalists

Excerpts from Twitter, but provides historical lost backdrop in the hope that we can understand that Russia was behind the civil war of the Republic of China, while the Americans tied the hands of the Nationalists with the embargo, and attrition of Nationalist soldiers and Communists were increasing troops with surrendered Japanese collaborators.

1) Courageous ROC designers like my grandfather worked at strategic Central Military Committee, at hinterland, allowed youth to study. Go underground At occupied zone

2) My Grandpa was against Chiang's civil war plan. In fact, it was Chiang's conspiracy to remove his own party opponent's force. Got that?

3) After Chiang failed three major Civil War battles, he asked my Grandpa where to stage the main force. Where the next theatre should be? To engage communist!

4) The plan is not to have main force battle at Fujian Min River north, but South. Why? Generalissimo Chiang listened to my Grandfather?

5) My Grandfather worked as Xiamen Telegraph Bureau chief, to help US intelligence in WWII under Transportation Ministry Dr. Chu and Dr. Gu.

6) Grandpa knew cable laying terrain like the back of his hand. Other factor, Chen Yi installed communist force in Jiangsu, not ready yet.

7) Why Xiamen engaged as last mainland battle between nationalist & communist? Now, mystery solved.

8) Communists with Russian artillery from Leningrad war field, kidnapped men to put front as ocean man guerrilla Tactic, KMT didn't shoot.

9) At Quemoy, Guningtou, Communist Without navy, so they robbed fishing boats to invade with 3000 troops. Communists Were totally annihilated.

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