Written and Published by Han Institute, August 4, 2015

Forgotten Atrocities for Educational Purpose

Rape of Nanking, Life Magazine, May 16, 1938

In this week's issue alone you can see human suffering in the ROC capital, Nanking. It is from this atrocity that Japan lost the war, but only after 35,000,000 Chinese people perished. To this day, Japan's textbooks are not reflecting the truth. Many people in their former colony, Taiwan, from 1895-1945, are sympathetic with Japan and refuse to disclose Japan's atrocities in the textbooks. They protest against the KMT revision to textbooks to refect what happened in World War II. When KMT changed the textbooks to say that comfort women were forced, people protested. The previous Chen Sui-bian administration modified the textbooks 10 times without transparency, not revealing the committee members' names. The KMT is hated by the Japanese and the Taiwanese because KMT led the war effort. We removed the fascist Japanese. Taiwanese tend to camouflage the Japanese crimes by talking about 228 or White Terror. The KMT is not equal to Chiang Kai-shek. In fact, the real KMT leaders did not idolize Chiang Kai-shek and we had nothing to do with White Terror, in fact we are the victims of Chiang's suppression.

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