Written and Published by Han Institute, August 24, 2015

Thoughts on "China White Paper, August 1949"

@subyroy wrote:
US Relations with China, a @StateDept White Paper no 3513, 5 Aug 1949 admitted the defeat of the KMT @gkucs @ChinaKennedy. Is it available?

1) I don't think the entire document is online. The number is 3573, not 3513.

2) "The China White paper, August 1949, U.S.. Dept of State" "Originally issued as US relations with China,

3) with special reference to the period 1944-1949. Department of State publication 3573, Far Eastern series 30."

4) It is available on Amazon, search for "China White Paper August 1949".

5) KMT were defeated militarily in Mainland China, it does not say that the KMT surrendered.

6) China White Paper doesn't have any real meaning in terms of relations between the PRC and ROC.

7) Civil war between KMT and CCP is an internal strife, not foreign affairs.

8) China White Paper isn't a decree or edict to annul ROC Constitution.

9) China White Paper is just about relations between the USA and ROC.

10) "China White Paper August 1949" is a US State Department document, not a statement of international law.

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