Written and Published by Han Institute, September 11, 2015

Why Epidemic Dengue Fever Outbreak in DPP Ideology City Tainan

On the day of 911, we need to bear in mind blind hate and the destruction that it causes. The eternal fight of Muslims and Jews need not to spread to US.

Many of us came to US to search for a haven, a shelter, so we can avoid being persecuted by Hitler, Stalin, or communists. In some cases, we came to the US to avoid the colonial-conscious Taiwanese with blind hate toward ROC Chinese Nationalists who defeated Japanese and recovered Taiwan as one of the allied group.

The Hate and Secret Persecution in Taiwan

As I was growing up, I saw a utopian town called Zhongxing Revival New Village in the middle of Taiwan, near Taichung where I was born. The architect was British, it had the first Taiwan sanitary sewage system, the water management first to divert the clean water and sewage in separate streams.

A Secret Hideout

This was under the nationalist provincial chairman Yen Chia Gan. I visited there and it was serene with a European touch, civil and with humanity.

Yet, due to systematic destruction of all the good nationalist constructs, it became a dying city as if afflicted by cancer.

Local residents are crying to enliven their place by perhaps the return of the Cultural Bureau to have that old government good spirit.

Systematic Uprooted Infrastructure

My father used to work in Zhanghua Agricultural Chemical Company, which aided the farmers with fertilizers without relying on imports. But without furthering the infrastructure and develop more products, it was closed.

Economic withering in Taiwan

Because of ethnic hatred and the fact that local Taiwanese resent that a large amount of Chinese mainlanders came to Taiwan, all the Nationalist constructs must be annihilated, since the Nationalists defeated Japan. A former ROC President recently confessed that he is always loyal to the Japanese empire and would die for it. The identity as being Japanese has sewn the seed of hate when in 1945 they saw the mainlanders came to Taiwan with leather shoes and brought gold bars, while Taiwan people were shoeless.

So once Taiwanese obtain power, their hateful ideology systematically dissolves all KMT constructs.

Tainan contaminated creek possibly fosters the Dengue Fever

We need to examine the fact of Tainan the DPP stranglehold outbreak of Dengue Fever epidemic. Since Nov 29, 2014, when the DPP swept to power through winning elections in Taiwan big 5 cities, they have revealed their incompetence.

The first tragedy is Taichung Mayor Lin Jialon who ordered a transit project to be completed 2 years ahead of schedule. This rush job killed passers-by as no safety measures were provided. The post collapsed because it was built by incompetent contractors and was without standard reinforcement.

The second tragedy is the Baxian amusement park spread of explosive powder which killed innocent people. This happened on the compound of a DPP owner who leased it out to unsafe contractors.

The third case is Tainan Mayor Lai Qingde, although has a Public Health Ph.D. Degree, he failed to control Dengue Fever, and cases are mushrooming out of control.

Popular mosquito nets in Tianan City

Tainan people without a sense of law when dumping chemical waste to Er Ren Creek. This is the dividing line between Kaohsiung and Tainan, which are the two strongholds of the DPP. Because there is no control of dumping, the local DPP politicians feel they can do whatever they want, so there is no control of the environment and public health.

DPP dumped industrial waste to national property Taiwan Sugar Plant.

This continual land abuse creates a toxic environment.

Summary: Taiwan was under Japanese control, opposing the allies during World War II, and the locals were drafted by Japan to fight the war against the allies. On October 25, 1945, ROC accepted Japaní»s surrender and restored Taiwan to China after 50 years.

Many with Japanese consciousness could not swallow the shame. They want to destroy everything the Nationalist have built up.

I urge the Americans not to shelter DPP problems while attacking the KMT.

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