Written and Published by Han Institute, September 17, 2015

Thoughts on ROC Presidential Election, Part 2

How ROC Can Help in Contributing to Regional Peace and Status Quo

Macro State of the Pacific Region

Undeniably the Pacific Region is caught up by the world¡¯s second largest economy, the PRC, while the US is the world largest. How to adapt themselves between the two is a nerve-racking task for all nations in the Pacific.

ROC President Ma Ying-jeou

Most precariously is the issue of the PRC¡¯s recent challenging behavior such as AIIB and South China Sea. The anxiety is compounded, as now the other China, Republic of China, is facing a Presidential election in January 16, 2016.

How ROC Can Help in Contributing to Regional Peace

The Pacific countries endorse the works of the KMT party in the ROC, yet, they discredit the KMT because of past political persecution during the Cold War called the White Terror.

Let's remind these fundamental facts.

KMT Cold War White Terror is long in the past. US Republican McCarthy¡¯s Red Scare is in the past. PRC Gang of Four Cultural Revolution and persecution is in the past.

However, Taiwan DPP extremists are a daily current progression, so you must be alarmed. It can get out of hand like ISIS if irrational people take charge of the office.

We should live in the current reality, and not ignore the extremists in Taiwan after 20 years of persecution by Japan colonial worshipper Lee Deng-hui and Chen Shui-bian¡¯s persecution of 90 year old scholars, and violent removal of old legislators from the National Assembly. Their physically threatening behavior is very violent.

Hardly anybody in the press is talking about Republican McCarthy¡¯s red scare, but DPP everyday is complaining about the KMT White Terror. Do Americans have selective memories when endorsing DPP presidential candidate Tsai? Ms. Tsai is a disciple and worked for Lee Teng-hui, in fact she drafted ¡°One Country on Each Side of the Coast¡±.

It is an eternal quest to search for the true KMT members who were suppressed by the White Terror.

Not only can't the KMT forget, we are yet to know that the real effect was that one KMT faction eliminated the good works. It is ongoing research for conscientious KMT members.

The DPP biased media talk about the White Terror is being used to suppress KMT in covering up the KMT¡¯s unprecedented self-sacrifice in embarking on eliminating the fascists advancing during the 1930¡¯s and 1940¡¯s, by not addressing the KMT members historical contributions.

The White Terror is a convenient vehicle used by DPP against KMT, but submerges their own ethnic hate and bias, as their identity is Japanese, not Chinese.

DPP's Achilles Heel Is Unable To Contribute To Peace

Singapore executive incumbent party won astoundingly on September 11 as they know if they are not united, the strategic position in the Malacca Strait will be diminished internationally.

Unlike Singapore's unity, Taiwan Mob has put the presidency under house arrest. In effect, the society is one step above mob rule. All the media have been overtaken by the DPP opposition force.

Like hired guns, they will kill any issue that is pushed out by the executive.

Ma Ying-jeou swearing in, in front of ROC founder Dr. Sun Yat-sen's portrait

President Ma's Achievements - KMT Has Been Keeping Regional Peace

Like President Chiang ChingKuo, incumbent President Ma has built a patrol fleet to keep fishermen from pirates. ROC ocean patrol will soon catch up with Japan in self defense with 30 more ships in the works.

Perhaps his best achievement is to deviate from nepotism and crony politics. This in effect is a reform within KMT. However, this enables DPP to set out on a campaign to exterminate KMT the opposition party, as Ma doesn¡¯t have a network of KMT personnel in the organization chart.

The New Navy fleet will be completed within President Ma's Term. New weapons are being developed and in production to strengthen the defense of Taiwan.

President Ma also did judicial reform in making the higher court more transparent.

In world trade, Ma completed bilateral trade agreements with Singapore and New Zealand despite lack of formal diplomatic ties.

Ma enabled Songshan Airport direct flights to all the East Asia airports including Mainland China, Japan, and South Korea, much more improvement than Chen Shui-bian era.

Under Ma, allocation of subsidies of local government increased 41% over five years, compared to the DPP eight years.

Ma enabled mainland travel service to liberalize tourism.

DPP's Detrimental Ill Policies

1. 2006 DPP bombed mountains to direct water flow and caused August 6-10, 2009 flooding.

2. Chemical Guoguang case was approved in 2006 while DPP was in charge.

3. During Lee Teng-hui administration, the legislature didn't forbid plasticizers in the food.

Tsai is an empty heart rag doll who has no love toward her own Chinese countrymen, and does not understand peace.

Vichy Government vs. Taiwan under Japan Rule

Under Vichy, despite of fear for Nazis, there were French who saved Jews. You don't find such Taiwanese individuals in the resistance war to ever help Chinese, as they identified with the Japanese colonialists. They should have great guilt about the Nanjing butchery and rape, however they have no feelings.


At yesterday¡¯s Republican debate in Simi Valley, Senator Rubio said he would take Air Force One to visit enemy China and their people. The USA still needs to work with enemy PRC peacefully.

Based on the Taiwan Relations Act, this pact between Taiwan and the United States stipulates US needs to sell weapons to Taiwan to help Taiwan¡¯s defense.

The majority of Taiwanese do not identify with Chinese. The minority has parents who came from mainland China, who have cultural affiliation with mainland.

So far Taiwan has paid the US to defend her, effectively paying billions of dollars of tributes for defense and weapons, as a US ally in the Pacific.

Patriot missiles should be bought as deterrent, don't ever use them, unless being attacked.

For America¡¯s interest, it is best to quiet the barking dog DPP as no one wants to incense the PRC to have a showdown, let alone open warfare.

Without regional stability in Asia, Wall Street will be without profits, and the world economy will suffer. The KMT's policy is to promote and preserve regional stability, while the DPP's policy is to promote "independence" for its own benefit, which will destabilize the region. For this reason, a KMT victory would be a benefit to the US. Please remember that when the DPP's Chen Shui-bian last held the presidency, he was hated by US policymakers, and George W. Bush called him a "troublemaker" and a "son of a bitch". Obama has been lucky be in power when the KMT President Ma Ying-jeou has been in charge of the ROC to keep the region in stability, at a time when the rest of the world is becoming more and more unstable.

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