Written and Published by Han Institute, September 23, 2015

How to Stabilize Taiwan and Promote Regional Peace

We need to ask a future leader of ROC what he or she has done, rather than just guaranteeing to follow the guidelines dictated by US and PRC, as former ROC President Chen Shui-bian was dictated to say four no¡¯s and one without. On CSB¡¯s May 20, 2000 inauguration speech as ROC¡¯s 10th President, he guaranteed to fulfill these criteria. He said: As long as PRC doesn¡¯t attack Taiwan by force, I guarantee in my term, I won't declare independence; I won't change the country¡¯s name; won't push two countries thesis; won't push changing of status quo referendum in regard to unification or independence; I won't have an issue regarding abolishing guidelines for national unification. President George W. Bush kept CSB out of trouble, dubbing him ¡°a troublemaker¡±. See photo of Bush and his watchdog Barney.

Why is PRC Insecure?

Based on data and facts, the US and Republic of China did the most works in the Pacific Region, so PRC has tremendous insecurity as they are leading China¡¯s mainland after forcing out ROC to Taiwan. The PRC enjoys all of the hard work and peace dividends after ROC lost a lot of good people, and after the country was devastated by Japan. Because of the fact that the Nationalists defeated the fascist military Japanese Empire, the colonial Japan-conscious Taiwanese have an identity issue and threaten to slaughter ¡°Chinese pigs¡± as the Japanese military did in Rape of Nanjing. This demonstrates that is an irrational society bordering on mob rule and majority prejudice against minorities from mainland, because the Nationalists defeated Japan. Taiwan has a viciously divided society.

Most tragic for the Nationalists is they did the battles in their youth against Japan on mainland China, but when they are old in Taiwan, they face hateful and scornful stares and suppression by the Taiwanese hate crimes.

Our Ancestors Work Left Us Tree Protection Shade So We Can Be Fostered Under Their Bliss

This will work only if the enterprises are in the proper people¡¯s hands, but that isn't the case.

Mao posed as farmer in humble clothing while Chiang Kai-shek committed a taboo. In the US, George Washington insisted on retiring from the military to assume the Presidency. But Chiang refused to retire his military uniform and was elected to many terms. By doing so, Chiang suppressed true democratic leaders from working for China. President Lee Denghui posed as a peaceful agriculture liberal from Cornell University to cajole people as a democratic leader. His actions prove he is an advanced fascist as he annihilated all the Nationalist constructs, suppressed other people¡¯s voices, and took personal profit from many of the former national enterprises that were privatized. He hired the mafia to attack another presidential candidate, by surrounding Soong Mei-ling¡¯s villa to force out his political opponent Chiang Wei-guo. The reason Lee was not indicted is because in Taiwan¡¯s deeply divided society he is considered the father of Taiwan. His father worked for the Japanese police, and Lee said to the foreign press in Japan that he would die for the Japan Empire, though he was ROC president and enjoyed a luxurious villa with staff and servants, all at the ROC people¡¯s expense.

What Should Lee¡¯s Disciple Tsai Do to Keep Peace?

Lee's disciple Tsai must embark on great justice and face facts of how to redeem Taiwan suppressing the minority.

Three suggestions:

1. Assessing the contributions of mainland people. For decades, military Labors built up Taiwan with projects like the East West Highway and Hualien Mountain Missile Base, but they were severely underpaid and never appreciated. Instead Tsai proposes to cut the military student allowance. Also, the government ten infrastructure projects built up Taiwan economically with very low pay. The teachers were only paid $1 every month, however the teachers now are getting $2000 a month in pension currently. The current teachers may be overpaid, but the past generation should be fairly compensated. The "farmers" receive $200 government subsidy, but they are not all farmers, even rich landowners are receiving this.

2. Request Japan to start to pay war damages. War trauma includes mental illness. After WWII, the US endowed Marshall Plan to Western Europe, but not one dime to China.

3. Create positive society token of thanks and appreciation, instead of division and hate, in order to garner votes for her.

Taiwan and the region will gain peace only if the US helps DPP Chairwoman Tsai to understand that ROC sacrifice and hard work has contributed to world peace tremendously, and that the DPP should not deny the KMT contributions and attempt to make the KMT extinct.

Our true heroine is Ms. Hong Xiuzhu, who represents KMT to run for the presidency in January 2016.

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