Written and Published by Han Institute, January 9, 2016

Retrospective Examining US Foreign Policy Towards China on the Eve of ROC Elections

What is the Number One Threat to Asia Pacific Regional Peace?

An Advisory for US Foreign Policy on the Eve of ROC 14th term Presidential Election and ROC 9th term Lifa Yuan Legislative Members Election

In 1926, the Republic of China issued a 50 cent postage stamp in honor of the 150th Anniversary of the U.S. Founding

China Used to Rely On Open Door Policy to Check Aggression Among World Powers

Dr. Sun Yat-sen led the Chinese people to rise above their sub-colonial status, as China was subjected to territorial encroachment by multiple world powers.

At one time, China geopolitically needed US Secretary of State John Hay¡¯s Open Door Policy to rebalance the carved-up state sovereignty. In particular, Manchuria was encroached on by Tsarist Russia with a high tech railroad horizontally extended across Manchuria from Siberia on the West to China¡¯s East coast shore. Within 15 miles of the railroad tracks, Russia was allowed privileges of mining rights and protection by armed forces. Japan followed suit with a north-south railway in southern Manchuria.

John Hay fulfilled China's Foreign Policy, that is, to check a foreign power by another foreign power.

Not an Integrated China, as Desired by Russia

After Japan defeated China in the 1894-1895 war, Taiwan fell into Japan's hands. After WWII when Japan surrendered unconditionally, Taiwan was returned to the Republic of China without Russian blockade. That was not the case for Manchuria. General Wedemeyer tried to have entire 1.2 million Japanese surrender to Chinese Nationalists.

What happened was Russia had 200,000 Japan armed troops in Manchuria in addition to Manchukuo 200,000 local troops all surrendered to Chinese Communists. The Communist troops supplied with the Japanese best arms were fighting against China¡¯s Central Government.

If this doesn't create a civil war, what does?

ROC Constitution Drafting Committee Members Photo

Russia Advised Communists to block Constitution Process

It was Dr. Sun Yat-sen's dream for China to realize a Constitutional government for the people. This was stalled by internal power fights, then Japan¡¯s full blown invasion in 1937. After eight long years of resistance war, the Nationalists had to face the Soviet threat in Manchuria because of an imbalance of power now that Japan was gone.

In late 1946, after repeated postponements and Communist refusal to cooperate with the delegates list, it was instituted by calling another Minshe (People Socialist) Party's delegates to convene, so a Constitution was born with multiple parties and promulgated on January 1, 1947.

Communist Supplied One-sided Data to the US State Department

After WWII, when Nationalist troops attempted to recover the land after eight years of Japanese occupation, they discovered the Communists had broken the river banks, destroyed railways, and left hundreds of thousands refugees homeless.

But this was not what the State Department information bureau knew. All their data was that during wartime some KMT military used a scorched earth policy. When Chiang Kai-shek destroyed Yellow River Dam in 1938, he was stopped by Dr. Zhu Jiahua to further flood Suzhou eight counties by personally calling the military head that he took full responsibility.

The US has had a chronic problem in assessing the correct leader for China, as they believed Mao with his easygoing farmer attire, so they let him be in charge of China.

Now, when the accusations of white terror are descending on the innocent and righteous US-friendly KMT, we have an out of control situation in Taiwan ready to explode.

No matter how much you soil and abuse the KMT image, you still can't cancel the Nationalist works and the Cairo Resolution.

The ROC Constitution has written in stone that China mainland sovereignty was returned from Japan¡¯s unconditional surrender and Taiwan was returned to China after 50 years of Japanese occupation.

What is Taiwan's Biggest Threat? Taiwan's Malaise is a Rigid Definition of ¡®Proper Taiwanese¡¯

Criteria to be a proper Taiwanese:

1. Speak Taiwanese (Minnan dialect, a dialect from south Fujian province, South Min River).

2. Though I was born in Taiwan, I am an alien called Outside Province 2nd generation because my parents were from mainland China.

3. If your spouse is real Taiwanese, you are spared discrimination and you may survive in a company owned by Taiwanese.

Taiwan Destructive Force in Earnest With Ethical Hate Crimes

1. All the Nationalist founded industries are condemned to go obsolete or be taken over. Case in point, Taiwanese ethnically-biased President Lee Tenghui dissolved China Broadcasting and turned the premium lot into a hospital of which he became Chairman of the board. This is a classic example of turning state enterprise to privatization by the Taiwanese ethnic group.

2. During Lee Tenghui¡¯s administration as President (1988- 2000), secret defense security account funds were missing and Navy Colonel Yin Qiufeng was silenced from disclosing the details by a gangster-style execution.

3. Taiwan top three ranked soprano Cai Min suffered a breakdown and jumped off the 17th floor in 2003 after there was a silent embargo from Taiwanese students to not enroll into her class.

An Issue of Identity: Taiwan versus China

The Central Daily newspaper had photos of the Constitutional process report, and was discontinued by the Taiwanese Lee Tenghui and collaborator Lian tycoon family, because they don't care about anything that happened in China and the ROC heritage. The DPP always attacks the Lian tycoon family for being the elite KMT class, but the majority of the KMT are not rich.

What is the Number One Threat to Asia Pacific Regional Peace? How to Rebalance Asia Pacific and Reassert US Values?

If Taiwan keeps on demanding independence, it may prompt PRC to use force. Taiwan may create a crisis that compels US to face off against the PRC. Beware that this lynch mob mentality against outer province witches in order to justify them to take possession of KMT properties.

If this gets out of control it will destabilize regional security.

Instill social unity in Taiwan, not to use Taiwan hate to balance PRC because this hate can get out of hand.

The US has been demonized such as in Vietnam War, that little girl fleeing US doused by chemicals caused the US people protest against the US government, and consequently the entire Vietnam sunk to Communist control.

US people should be friends to Islamic people, although oil moguls may not be.

What distinguishes US values from PRC?

Chinese Communists attempt to build a socialist regime and ultra power as opposed to the US system, which is to help build a true democratic society that extends value to everyone.

US should not draw Taiwanese hate against the ROC KMT Chinese, as only a very small Chiang inner circle was responsible for White Terror, so innocent mainlanders should not be condemned for it.

The White Terror actually was a means to eliminate democratic and capable Nationalist personnel by accusing them of being in collaboration with communists out of Cold War fear.

Give Fair Lights to Shine on ROC and Give True Justice a Chance

America needs urgently to gather data statistics to return justice and fair chance to the landless, economically deprived Nationalist class.

This justice served will enable US with more than hydrogen bombs to destroy her enemies which are plenty, including Taiwan hard core terrorists who have no sense of value. America is selling billions of dollars of weapons to Taiwan, but the best defense is unity with your allies.

Taiwan youth are anti-PRC Chinese, anti-ROC Chinese, and also blame US for bombing Japan-controlled Taiwan during the Japan colonial era, so beware.

Tackle Cold War "One China" Contingency Policy

The US should reexamine the Cold War contingency "One China" policy, as the US has no right to claim that the Communist regime is the only China.

US civil law prohibits discrimination against person because of gender, race, or political beliefs. The One China Policy recognizes Communist China as the only China, so this leaves out all of the Chinese people who do not believe in communism.

Work with true blue Nationalists who stand up for Chinese civilization value as opposed to the Communist version. We have good example of ROC Representative Mr. Shen being assertive in raising ROC flag in Twin Oaks embassy in Washington DC after 36 years of complacency.

This is to tell the Chinese people on mainland a message that Mao et. al. told you the ROC is long gone, is not true.

"Only when you study history, you can rewrite history."

By ROC historian Elizabeth Su

Part of the solution: Taiwan Internal Peace Initiatives Act

The next ROC President ought to enact a Taiwan internal Peace initiative to stabilize society and only when you coalesce, you can stand tall to meet the PRC different ideology threat and contribute to regional peace by not becoming a liability.

Educate Taiwan People in Data, Statistics and Historical Facts to Serve Social Justice.

Large military labors humbly built Taiwan up without being given land. They fought off Japanese on the mainland without one dime of compensation.

They should be honored, not humiliated. They should share the peace dividend and they should not be demonized as an underclass.

Nationalist Assets Were Hard Earned by Millions on the China mainland and We Brought Gold to Taiwan. The landless and disadvantaged mainland people to need the highest priority in compensation, not the land-rich local Taiwanese.

Our large highly-educated force and intellectual properties enriched Taiwan. We didn't rob Taiwan.

The first post-WWII Taipei Mayor was local Taiwanese Huang Chaoqin (1897-1972).

So former AIT Director David Dean¡¯s accusation of no Taiwanese being in the KMT government isn't true. The first Taiwan executive government head Chen Yi was sent by mainland China because of central government unity.

If American policy is based on erroneous data to indict the KMT's unfairness in denying Taiwanese from being in government, please refer to this classic example.

When walking out of long dark avenue of being suppressed mentality, study others' hard works and suffering like losing homes, family, while still searching for lights. Although we lost our land in mainland China, we were never given any land in Taiwan, even though we fought for Taiwan's return back to China. We are the same, all were suppressed by White Terror. By taking out anger on us, you further the historical injustice on us but disgrace yourselves.

Implement a civil society by punishing those not following ERA.

Equal Rights Amendment for Taiwanese is urgent, unless you want war.

Since Lee abolished National Congress, we have an Taiwanese Mr. Wang Jinping as eternal Chairman for the Senate.

We need an Equal Rights Amendment, so we outer Taiwan Chinese have rights to speak. So not at first sound uttered, we are condemned as white terror, as we are the real victims.

A Reminder for Ms. Tsai and Her Shepherds on the Road to Ascend to be ROC President

Tsai has illusions to run for Taiwan President while by Constitution she is in actuality to run for the 14th Term ROC President. ROC lost 20 million lives and 30 million were injured during WWII to fight against fascist Japan and won Taiwan back. That is the ROC national spirit. We shall never forget our heritage.

Under the pretense of running for Taiwan people exclusively, she is violating our Chinese identity and the memory of the 50 million casualties who fought for freedom against Japan, and thus is unqualified to be the Republic of China's president.

A reminder to PRC: China is not synonymous with the Chinese Communist Party

If all sides, US, Taiwan DPP, ROC Nationalist China KMT, and PRC Communist China CCP can take my advice on the Taiwan internal peace initiative we should have regional stability.

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