Written and Published by Han Institute, March 17, 2016

Rise of the Extremist DPP and Decline of a Healthy Two-Party Democracy in Taiwan, as the Extremist DPP Seeks To Destroy the Rival KMT Party and Abolish the ROC Constitution

1. During the Clinton Administration, US Customs intercepted Republic of China (ROC) funds which were being stolen by Taiwanese President Li Denghui. Although a member of the KMT, Li is a fake, and has always acted to further the aims of the pro-independence DPP.

2. During the George W. Bush Administration, via “gold reform”, VP Dick Cheney's privatization transferred ROC national assets to Taiwan DPP private foundations, a massive redistribution of wealth.

Please see photo about the multiple foundation funds. The second one is Formosa Cultural Education Fund, founded by Chen Shui-bian, the purpose is a tax shelter for the rich and powerful and has nothing to do with small citizens. This is a means to transfer Nationalist great educator's work such as Dr. Zhu Jiahua, who wanted universal support for all walks of life and all students. But extremist Taiwan DPP group only want to benefit and enrich rigidly-defined Taiwan locals. The ethnic divide is so severe that people like me who was born in Taiwan but do not speak Taiwanese dialect, as my parents came from mainland China, are condemned as Chinese pigs. Nationalist educators have no ethnic divide in their programs, whereas the DPP has a strong hatred toward non-Taiwanese locals.

DPP's Formosa Headquarters phone number and address:
Phone 02-23513625
Number 11-1﹐ Hangzhou South Road section 1, 105 lane, Taipei

3. During the Obama Administration, there has been increased ethnic persecution in Taiwan, where minority Chinese have no rights, but constantly face the trepidation of erroneous charges.

4. The wealthy DPP class, continuing to rob ROC national assets, will soon rule Taiwan as their president will be sworn in May 20, while wages stagnate, at 22k NT (= $700) per month.

5. Despite former DPP Chairman Chen Shuibian was convicted of embezzlement in theft by encroaching on the ROC, he was released from jail because of Taiwan ethnic bias.

Chen Shui-bian, the former president of Taiwan, was prosecuted for corruption after leaving office in 2008.
Credit Bobby Yip/Reuters

6. The DPP, after robbing $300 Billion from the KMT, now cries foul and plans to liquidate the KMT’s pitiful remaining $500 million to donate to Taiwanese poor (but not the Chinese minority poor).

7. Advisory to the future US President of either party:

A) Don't endorse a political party like the DPP just because DPP is anti-PRC or anti any Chinese identity, without knowing the facts about the DPP.

B) Please don't suppress a political party such as the KMT or a country ROC because she guards her sovereignty over Taiping Island, which overlaps with PRC.

8. US foreign policy should not suppress a nation whose Constitution has overlapping sovereignty with PRC. Instead the US should stand up for international law and human rights, and exercise rights to protect the ROC.

9. From a legal standpoint, inaugurating DPP Chair Tsai as ROC President isn't justified, as the DPP’s thesis is to remove ROC & abandon the ROC constitution in order to be independent.

10. How not to disable regional stability? Do not instigate hatred against KMT, just because we guard our inalienable sovereignty rights. Instead encourage mutual self-respect among all groups in this volatile region.

Please refer to New York Times Magazine, February 16, 2016, that names former DPP Chairman Chen ShuiBian (ROC president 2000-2008) is the world’s 2nd most corrupt person. So if the US is endorsing DPP successor Ms. Tsai, they should realize that her administration plans to have CSB’s former finance minister Lin Chuan as the Executive Yuan Minister (Premier).

Under Lin Chuan, trillions of ROC national entities were converted into several DPP foundations “private funds”, through privatization. Unlike the Chinese KMT, the Taiwanese (both DPP and KMT) did not serve and sacrifice in the war against fascist Japan in WWII. Why are they allowed to purge Chinese Nationalists assets which were earned through generations of hard work?

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