Written and Published by Han Institute, May 10, 2016

Petition on Universal Human Rights in Taiwan on the Eve of Inauguration of the 14th R.O.C. President

Founder of Han Institute and advocate for a Bill of Universal Rights in Taiwan.

An Open Letter To US Congress:

With great trepidation, we anticipate the new president of the Republic of China (ROC), which is the first democratic Republic in Asia. Here is a brief sketch about the history of the ROC relocating to Taiwan, so we can help sustain the regional peace which was obtained with great sacrifice by the ROC people and government over several generations. We owe the ROC many thanks.

Though 30 million Chinese civilians died and 3 million military gave their lives in the resistance war against Japan 1937-1945, because Taiwan was under Japanese rule 1895-1945, the local residents in Taiwan have a Japanese identity, and never acknowledged the fact that we the Chinese minority won mainland China¡¯s freedom and recovered Taiwan from Japan.

Human rights are universal, but the DPP party claims exclusive rights for the local Taiwanese, and condemns the KMT party for having the original sin. The DPP¡¯s political focus has always been on attacking the KMT, rather than on building up Taiwan¡¯s economy or ensuring regional peace. Though as majority, the DPP won the election, there were 7 million voters who didn't endorse them, and whose rights need to be protected. Even though their rights are currently protected under the ROC constitution, the DPP party favors radical changes to the constitution.

We should start a mission to reach to an understanding between the blue KMT and the green DPP; between communists and nationalists, also between communists and the DPP.

Most importantly, we want the United States to take a strong role in the region, to closely monitor the political situation in Taiwan, in order to ensure the human rights of all people in Taiwan and China, for the sake of peace.

What is ROC National Heritage and Value

The Republic of China was founded in 1911, by a revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen. There were 72 young martyrs who dedicated their lives in revolting against the Qing Manchuria Tartars who had ruled China for 268 years. When the Qing Dynasty took over China there was horrible racial cleansing, around 30 million were slaughtered. The entire city of Yangzhou was slaughtered with 800,000 killed in 10 days, historically dubbed as the Yangzhou 10 days.

Dr. Sun¡¯s dream to have China equal status with other nations was not fulfilled before he passed away.

The Qing Dynasty signed many unequal treaties with foreign powers, by bordering against Russia and Japan, met constant invasions and ceded land to the Tsar that amounted to 2 million square miles. After the Qing lost the 1895 war, Taiwan was given to Japan.

Although Dr. Sun died of liver cancer in 1925 before his dream of a democratic China could be fully realized, our young fledging Republic started a cultural renaissance and built up the nation.

The Chinese Cultural Enlightenment Renaissance Movement

You may not know there was a great cultural revival in China in the 1920¡¯s and 1930¡¯s after many young students were sent abroad to study. Upon returning, they established Academia Sinica, Shanghai Music College, and Hangzhou Art Academy. These institutions were all formulated when Nanjing became the ROC Capital in 1928.

A renaissance movement was led by the new wave of students who went abroad to study in Europe and the US, and who brought back the ideas of liberal arts and science. They advocated ¡°Mr. Science and Mr. Democracy¡±.

The Infrastructure Modernization Was Built Up

While the world was in the Great Depression because of the 1929 New York stock market crash, China went through a modernization phase which became the envy of Japan¡¯s depressed economy.

According to the US State Department, between 1928 and 1937, Chinese nationalists made great economic strides. This euphoria was short-lived because of the outbreak of full-scale war with Japan in 1937. The ten year golden age build up helped the nationalists resist eight years (1937-1945) against militant invasion by Japan.

War and Peace in China

On September 18, 1931, Japan invaded Manchuria and in 1932 built the puppet state Manchukuo. Ushijima Mitsuru (1887-1945) did ¡°three annihilations¡± in Manchuria: burn all, rob all, and kill all. He also later did racial cleansing in Okinawa.

Before the war, 20,000 troops were relocated to Taiwan, so the Japanese only had 120,000 vs. US 180,000 troops. Japan lost with 100,000 dead and US 10,000 dead.

Japan troops would round up Okinawa natives in ditches, over 1/3 of the population was killed. This was the main reason that US refused to put troops on the ground to invade Japan¡¯s home islands, and opted to drop atom bombs.

My father was a young Whampoa Academy officer from China Proper Henan Province. He walked four provinces to defend China against the Japanese invasion.

He told me that he felt so sorry that he never was able to return home to serve his parents even a cup of water. His parents never knew if he died in the war or went to Taiwan from China.

Thanks for the nationalists sacrifice and works, we were able to defeat the highly militaristic powerful Japan, and won Taiwan back at 1943 Cairo Conference which had FDR, Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek attending and negotiating legal contracts. The Nationalists Met Tremendous Difficulties in Recovering China Back because the Yalta Treaty stipulated that Japan surrender to the Russian Army in Manchuria.

Secret clauses of the Yalta Treaty Disabled ROC Sovereignty in Taking Back Manchuria that had been assimilated with Han written characters.

Chinese Communists Thwarted the Nationalists from Taking Back the Land by Derailing and Destroying Dams and River Embankments.

At the same time, the Nationalists repatriated Japanese back, deploying US help and paid by the ROC treasury.

Because of the breakdown of transportation, the industries had no raw materials to operate. The mills could not run without cotton.

The Nationalists received limited US help in taking the land back from Japan.

ROC lost control of mainland China to the Communists and retreated to Taiwan because of the secret agreement between Stalin and Roosevelt: Yalta illegal secret treaty without ROC presence.


Never forgotten are the millions who worked and died for peace, that it was the Yalta Treaty which betrayed our pure soul fighting for freedom.

Taiwan's Identity Crisis and Predicament

The concept that democracy is Taiwan-specific has racial overtones. Democracy is not reserved for Taiwanese people alone. They don't monopolize democracy, as democracy is for all the people.

Justice is not their sole prerogative, so how can they be so self conceited to demand others to transform to justice? Did they get a mandate from God to demand others to turn in all their belongings under the name of ¡°transforming to justice¡±?

How Do We Reform Taiwan's Skewed Democracy?

Reform proposals are critical to keep Taiwan integral as modern democratic country. They are geared to assist the people in Taiwan to be self aware and to learn to contribute to society, rather than demanding compensation from the public to fulfill a one-sided concept of justice.

Dr. Sun in Explaining Rousseau, Human Rights Chapter 1, People¡¯s Rights

Rousseau in 1762 Social Contract said that Man was born free and equal, privileged by birth.

So why did Li Denghui criticized that the KMT has the original sin? DPP Chen Shuibian attempted to expel Chinese by calling us pigs and Pacific no cap, why don't you swim across? CSB¡¯s policy deleted many households so we won't have an identity in Taiwan, though we were born in Taiwan.

Origin Sin Concept - Where did it come from?

The US negotiated with Japan hardliners in the Imperial Palace courtyard bunker, the only condition of surrender was that the Japanese Emperor would be retained.

Taiwan's concept of civil rights is not for all, but reserved for the majority Taiwanese. It is mainly internal strife as opposed to external.

Taiwanese are lawless and have no concept of ROC law. This is because they chronically were cut to Japan as second-class citizens and they couldn't work in higher levels of government.

So this is their disorientation.

1. Taiwan Identity Confusion created bigotry.

When Tsai won the Presidential election, she made a token trip to the locale where Taiwan was cut to Japan in the Maguan Treaty in 1895. This ought to tell you she was submissive to the imperial Japan concept.

During World War II, Taiwan was on the Japanese side to fight against the allies. Taiwan Japanese flew bombers to Shanghai, so Taiwanese treated the ROC military as enemies. Planes from Taiwan Tainan Airbase bombed US airbases in the Philippines.

The Chinese military liberated others but became locked up as a socially lowered class.

2. Chiang Kai-shek land policy created inequality.

After the resistance war, the military came to Taiwan and on meager wages. While they fought the Japanese to win back sovereignty, they themselves became the bottom rung as a slave class, because Chiang should have given these soldiers land like previous dynasties but did not, instead giving land to the local Taiwanese.

3. Chen Shui-bian¡¯s privatization plan was to steal national properties, transformed into his DPP friends¡¯ private ownership via gold reform.

4. National assets like plants have been suppressed from growing and withered. This is because of the split between the KMT and the textile business, the DuPont chemical company creative real enterprisers were condemned, gradually declining to become extinct.

5. Education function was deprecated also. Academia Sinica is a case in point. Taiwan's misconception in stealing£º I can justify my stealing and robbing national or public goods because I want to claim independence and believe that mainlanders have no rights at all to be in Taiwan.

We have national organizations whose head Dr. Weng Qihui posed as private stock holders and took ¡°dry shares¡± as public officials. Although Taiwanese think they have talent, there were other righteous US NAI talents.

6. The stability of its laws and institutions Taiwan's law is biased in saving the grace of the Taiwanese only. This is similar to the Yuan Dynasty when Mongols were the highest in social status, so when a Mongol murdered a member of the Han race, a cow would settle the dispute. The discrepancy of between Taiwanese President Li Denghui (Presidency 1988 -2000) and President Yen Jiagan (presidency 1975-1978), who was born in a Suzhou estate in China, is that President Li made laws to allow himself to enjoy all the best entourage and luxury estates while President Yen¡¯s widow had no health insurance.

The inequality law allowed Taiwanese to be allotted with royal treatment like a king while the estate-born President Yen died in poverty. Many high-integrity KMT officials died without enough money for a proper burial.

7. Myth of 228's Victims vs. Rapports among community

After WWII, October 1945, China sent two officials Mr. Chen Yi and Mr. Yan Chiagan to Taiwan. In December 1945, they requested a shipload of supplies including rice from Shanghai as there was not enough rice in Taiwan.

The Uprising against the Nationalists

I was born on the south end of Taichung and witnessed a beautiful city with Tang Dynasty cultivated architecture design.

During 228, Taichung was relatively calm and the Taichung locals were divided between supporting Taiwan communist Xie Xuehing who escaped from Taichung harbor Wuxi to China, and non-communist supporters.

Taichung land tycoon Lin Xiantang hid Mr. Yen Chiagan who later became ROC President 1975-1978. However, this great democratic man Mr. Lin escaped to Japan because of the white terror.

It was a shame that Chiang didn't allow Taiwan land tycoon Mr. Lin, who housed and sheltered precious artifacts, to build up positive relations and cultivate rapport as he was on the democratic side.

The KMT Democratic Lineage Was Suppressed during White Terror.

How Did the KMT Suppression from Within Come About? Note: The White Terror list was mostly people who came from China because of power struggles. These democratic mainland people were suppressed. This has not yet been fully investigated. More books need to be written to disclose these facts.

Contributions by the Nationalists who provided Taiwan people the competitive edge in the world

Recently a group by the name of "Distinguished Citizens Society" came to the US to visit. Like goodwill ambassadors, they came from my birth city Taichung. It was founded by Mr. King Fudong, who came from a wealthy family in Kaifeng, Henan Province. He came to Taiwan as a humble self, working as military journalist and being the inlaw of CC Chen, he broadened to CoOp banking. A nationalist elite family helped community in banking and philanthropy.

It demonstrates the harmony of Taiwanese who benefited from people who followed the military to Taiwan.

I used to bike, passing by Chinese medical and pharmaceutical university. The Nationalists gave Taiwan locals advanced educational institutions.

Li Denghui, a Japanese policeman¡¯s son, rose to power to take revenge against the Chinese who expelled the Japanese

Li Worships the Japanese Imperial Emperor and the fact being that the unconditional surrender was based on preservation of the throne ought to explain why ROC President Li tried to destroy the whole ROC structure, as it stood testifying those human endeavors in blood and tears to resist barbarian fascists. Li adores imperial Japan rather than Chinese democracy, and sentenced people who escaped Mao¡¯s communists to Taiwan as having committed the original sin.

Why 1911 Big revolution to found the ROC?

It is the same endeavor as the US fight for independence against being a British colony. The Chinese refused to be slaves and to be slaughtered the Qing Tartars, and we fought off the Manchu Tartars to found our own Republic.

A proposal to speak for the suppressed minority in Taiwan

If under Tsai administration, there is still a suppressive atmosphere to delete you, to deprive, or make derogative insults such as calling Africans Negroes, and we who came from China are referred to as pigs, then, it will be legally not acceptable.

We hope she releases kind remarks in instilling goodwill toward all citizens, and not constantly demand blood from innocent minorities.

We will give her a fair chance to raise her political altitude, and if all goes well, who knows? Maybe she can be president for 8 years.

¡°Transform to justice¡± is a fake subject, the actual aim is persecution of minorities and to rob everything they have.

Proposal to Advance Regional Security and Peace

1. Introduce A Bill of Rights for All 23 million people in Taiwan: A Solution to Sustain Democracy in Taiwan, Resisting Communist Encroachment and Stabilizing Regional Peace

We wish that the new ROC president can enact a civil rights bill much like the USA President Johnson did The Civil Rights Act of 1964, so that minorities have legal rights from being persecuted, and will have no fear and trepidation of being trampled by the majority.

By being a top nationalist family, we suffer double jeopardy, one being the lurking ever-present majority Taiwan gang, the other being white terror.

So we propose the new President this equality for all. This will add her to hallmarks of human rights and democracy for all.

That is to introduce a bill that guarantees all citizens are equal, and there shall be no ridicule like ¡°pig Chinese¡± such remarks that wound and shame us with stigmatizing negative images and negating our shining history for fighting off fascists.

Mostly, no original sin sentence, as we ousted Japan but Taiwan was under Japan, so this became our crime.

2. Promote global synergy spirit in Taiwan Though not in the UN, Taiwan does have soft power such as being nominated as US NAI National Academy of Inventors members.

Chinese medicine culture planted roots in Taiwan. The President of China Medical University Hospital Dr. Wen-Hua Lee won 2014 cancer research in DNA heredity. From the Chinese medicine college that I saw as a child, it has flourished and grown into western modern medicine hospitals and made contributions to mankind.

This is a great infused positive contribution to Taiwan local people by the mainlanders. However, sometimes, Taiwanese heritage confuses making money with national assets, such as the resigned Sinica head Dr. Wong, who also won 2014 NAI award in protein study.

3. US shouldn't be so immoral and short-sighted to use Taiwan as a pawn to counter PRC. It is best to keep Taiwan as a democracy with freedom and respect extended to every citizen, and not to oust Chinese from Taiwan just because PRC are Chinese too.

Please don't divide Taiwan society. There is deep synergy in Taichung. The recent visit indicated that KMT fostered good rapport and assisted Taiwan in education tremendously so Taiwan is very competitive in the world.

Provoking ethnic divide isn't good for regional security or peace, plus a thriving economy relies on a safe and sound democratic society.

Thank you for reading the very complicated KMT history, as we are trying to revitalize our original values. Without US understanding the overall positive picture, the task will not be easy because the KMT name has been tarnished and the good submerged by a few bad KMT families.

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